The CIDESCO Certificate in Teacher Training and Assessment is for those interested in a teaching career. It is suitable for individuals currently teaching or training, assessors who would like to take a teaching qualification, and those who are currently teaching or who have just entered teaching. The qualification covers a wide range of industry areas and will give the Learner the scope to develop all the required knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to work in teaching and training.


The following highlights the major subjects covered within the academic year.


Unit 1. Understand the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training, ways to maintain a safe and supportive
learning environment. Understand the relationships between teachers and other professionals in education and training.

Unit 2. Understanding and using inclusive teaching and learning approaches in education and training, understand ways to
create an inclusive teaching and learning environment, be able to plan inclusive teaching and learning, deliver inclusive
teaching and learning, and evaluate the delivery of inclusive teaching and learning.

Unit 3. Facilitate learning and development in groups, understand principles and practices of learning and development in
groups, be able to facilitate learning and development in groups, be able to assist groups in applying new knowledge and
skills in practical contexts, be able to assist learners to reflect on their learning and development undertaken in groups.

Unit 4. Understanding the principles and practices of assessment, the principles and requirements of assessment, different
types of assessment methods, how to plan assessment, how to involve learners and others in assessment, make assessment
decisions, and understand quality assurance.

Four POE Assessments and Presentation, and Practical Examination



*Deposit is allocated to Kit and Course Fee

Teacher Training Certificate

Course Price
Deposit R5 000* | Course Fee R20 000 | Kit Fee R12 700
Course Outcome
CIDESCO Teacher Training Certificate
Course Duration
1-Year Full Time
Admission Requirements
2 Year Beauty Qualification