The CIDESCO Diploma in Aromatherapy (Post Graduate) is the ideal course for to equip learners with an extended knowledge of Massage and Aromatherapy in order to provide Aromatherapy face and body treatments of a high standard, utilizing the effects of essential oils, with due diligence and regard to client comfort and safety.

The following highlights the major subjects covered within the academic year.

Introduction to Aromatherapy
Definition and History of Aromatherapy
List of Prescribed Essential Oils*
Base and Carrier Oils
Essential Oil Blends
Basic Essential Oil Chemistry
Psychological and Physiological Effects of Essential Oils
Essential Oil Absorption Methods
Essential Oil Pathway
Contra-Indications to Essential Oil Use
Essential Oil Safety
Incorporation of Essential Oils in Ancillary Use
Anatomy and Physiology
Professional Ethics pertaining to Aromatherapy Practice
Client Care and Safety and Work Station Preparation
Consultation Procedure
Pre-treatment Cleansing of Face and Body
Aromatherapy Massage for the Face and Body
Client After Care and Home Care Advice
Aromatherapy Practical
Case Histories
100 Hours Experiential Training

Kit fees include Manuals, Training Oils, Uniform, and Disposables. Excludes international exam fees.

*Deposit is allocated to Kit and Course Fee

Aromatherapy (Post Graduate)

Course Price
Deposit R5 000* | Course Fee R21 000 | Kit Fee R8 200
Course Outcome
CIDESCO Diploma in Aromatherapy (Post Graduate)
Course Duration
1-Year Full Time
Admission Requirements
CIDESCO Diploma in Beauty Therapy