A student obtaining the CIDESCO Diploma in Beauty Therapy is assured that the qualification will be recognised and respected worldwide within the Beauty and Spa Industry. CIDESCO graduates continue to “stand out” in an increasingly competitive skills market.


The CIDESCO Diploma in Beauty Therapy is awarded after you successfully complete the 2 year CIDESCO Programme.

You are required to pass the CIDESCO Beauty Therapy examinations which consist of an Aesthetic examination, Body examination, Research Project with Case Histories and a written examination at the end of your 2nd year to receive your CIDESCO Diploma in Beauty Therapy.

The following highlights the major subjects covered within the academic year.

Natural Science (Applied Chemistry) Natural Science (Physics)
Anatomy and Physiology Level 1 Anatomy and Physiology Level 2
Skin Dermatology Skin Dermatology
Hygiene and First Aid Hygiene and First Aid
Skincare Therapy Level 1 Skincare Therapy Level 2 (Electricals)
Body Therapy Level 1 Body Therapy Level 2 (Electricals)
Swedish Massage Wraps and Exfoliation
Manicure and Pedicure Diet & Nutrition Level 2
Waxing Commercial Business Studies Level 2
Makeup Developments
Diet & Nutrition level 1 Retail
Retail CIDESCO Research Case Studies
Commercial Business Studies Level 1 DMR Case Studies Level 2
CIDESCO Research Methodology 600 Contact Hours (Class Attendance)
DMR Case Studies Level 1 300 Experiential Hours (Work Experience)
600 Contact Hours (Class Attendance)
300 Experiential Hours (Work Experience)


Kit includes uniform, manuals, training products and equipment. Fee excludes international exam fees. Optional textbooks available to purchase.


*Deposit is allocated to Kit and Course Fee




Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Course Price
1st Year: Deposit R5 000* | Course Fee R45 000 | Kit Fee R20 300
Course Outcome
CIDESCO Diploma in Beauty Therapy
Course Duration
2-Years Full Time
Admission Requirements
National Senior Certificate (NSC)